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Where have you been Tom!? I’m very upset with you!

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This is that time of year that our business is at its peek. Many video projects to get done, looming deadlines, and it all ends with a big 2 week international trip, this year to Bangkok Thailand. And so for the last several weeks, and for the next several, it’s basically just work for me. So I didn’t forget about the blog, I didn’t lose interest, and most importantly I did not get hit by a bus. 

Here are a few photos from the Tomchak family visit from Detroit a few weekends ago. The rest are on the Flickr page.

In brief, the boys are doing great. They’re growing in and out of clothing very fast, they’re eating more (and on soft foods now), and they laugh and smile a lot. The best thing about coming home is having them see me walk in and then start to smile. It’s the most precious gift! 

Brenda is doing well and has become a great “twin mom”. She’s got her systems in place, her schedule, and has gotten used to taking the boys pretty much anywhere she wants to go. Now that it’s warmer she is no longer confined to the house all the time.

I have some really good video to share as well but it will probably be awhile before I have time to get it together. 

I’m going to try to do a once a week posting (or more if I can) every Sunday night. And while I’m in Thailand I’ll also be doing posts with photos and video. 

That’s all for now!

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