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15,330 Days Old and Counting

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2001 Drivers License – In shape, at ideal weight.


2009 Drivers License – Face is now fat and round, and I’m 35 lbs. over weight (I misreported my actual weight this year, but don’t feel guilty about it)!

I’m not one to celebrate my Birthday. In fact since my late 30’s it has become a day I really don’t look forward to anymore. Why celebrate that I’m even older then the year before? It’s not like I’m trying to be of legal driving age, drink or get into strip clubs in Windsor Canada (I’ve heard some guys do that). I can rent a car without a cosigner, vote, buy liquor without being carded and represent myself in a court of law should I chose to do so.

SO… what exactly am I to celebrate?

In recent years I have become more attuned to my age, and at one point last year I woke up in the middle of the night freaked out by the realization that most likely, I’ve already lived more then half of my life. Up until that moment I had always thought “Ahhh, I have my whole life in front of me”, and suddenly I realize that a good chunk of my life is now behind me! How did that happen?!

I’m not really as bothered about my age as this post may have you believe. I’ve made peace with it for the most part. But the subject does bring me to a great book I’m currently reading. It just made sense to share it on the celebration of my 15,330th day of life on this earth. The books is called “Younger Next Year”.

Here is a synopsis from the publisher.

Announcing the paperback edition of Younger Next Year, the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly bestseller, co-written by one of the country’s most prominent internists, Dr. Henry “Harry” Lodge, and his star patient, the 73-year-old Chris Crowley. These are the books that show us how to turn back our biological clocks–how to put off 70% of the normal problems of aging (weakness, sore joints, bad balance) and eliminate 50% of serious illness and injury. The key to the program is found in Harry’s Rules: Exercise six days a week. Don’t eat crap. Connect and commit to others. There are seven rules all together, based on the latest findings in cell physiology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, and experimental psychology. Dr. Lodge explains how and why they work–and Chris Crowley, who is living proof of their effectiveness (skiing better today, for example, than he did twenty years ago), gives the just-as-essential motivation.

Both men and women can become functionally younger every year for the next five to ten years, then continue to live with newfound vitality and pleasure deep into our 80s and beyond.

It seems as you grow older staying healthy and at a reasonable weight (notice I didn’t say ideal weight) gets more and more difficult. Gone are the days when I could eat absolutely anything, do nothing and feel healthy with no weight gain. This book really brings this problem into focus in a way that leaves you more educated on exactly what is happening in your body as you get older.

While this book speaks to men 50 and older specifically, it’s obvious that the advice given is good for men and women of any age. I’m only about 25% through the book but I’m finding it very inspirational. If you’re looking for something to give you a good kick in the pants where your health and fitness is concerned, this might be just the ticket.

If you’re interested, click on one of the links below. In both cases you can find reader reviews and get even more information.

Younger Next Year, Audio Version

Younger Next Year, Paperback Version

Now get off that couch and do something!

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