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It begins with nutrition, digestion and liver function

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Our brain chemistry is directly dependent upon the nutrients we consume, our digestivetract’s ability to assimilate nutrients, the concentration of toxins consumed as well asas the toxic, metabolic byproducts of incomplete digestion. Our liver’s ability to assemblebio-chemical building-blocks required by the brain for its normal functionality is critical andmay easily become undermined by carrying too high a toxic load, a very common problemin this day and age when exposure to so many environmental and food borne toxins hasbecome “normal”. As much as 90% of the serotonin, one of the primary neurotransmitters, is produced in thegut and exerts considerable influence on normal intestinal functionality. Therefore whenfocusing on neurotransmitter optimization, it behooves us to address issues of nutrition,digestion, liver function and general detoxification.




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