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Rosetta, Meet Maximus

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We are always trying new things to help Max progress and catch up what’s considered age appropriate. One of the areas I personally feel he needs the most help is with his speech. It’s pretty clear when you talk to him that he doesn’t master the English language at the same level that his twin Andrew does.

One thing that was recommended to us by his doctor in California, Doctor Goldberg, was Rosetta Stone. I like a lot of people are familiar with it as a software program that teaches you a new language. But it never occurred to me that you could use it to learn your primary language.

Because it’s very visual and interactive, it turns out to be a natural for kids. And because it’s also something you do on the computer, while wearing a super cool headphone/microphone setup, Max really looks forward to doing it.


We spend about 20 minutes a night most nights (nights that i’m not exhausted, late getting home and that he’s not crabby) and I can see improvements in him almost day to day. Certainly over the course of a week. It occurred to me recently that maybe I should start recording them just for a record of how far he has come. So, this is the first of those recordings. It’s the cut-down version of what was originally 35 minutes long.

It was a bit of a test for me to figure out how to get all of the different sources, and it turned out that the voice he hears in the headphones was not something I captured successfully. So, as you watch it may be a bit hard to follow since you’re not hearing the voice prompts. But I expect to have this fixed for any future recordings.

If nothing else, it’s fun to watch because he’s so darn cute.

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