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About this Site

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In April of 2007 I decided to try blogging, with absolutely no expectation of keeping up with it. I try hard to keep up with technology and things that are popular on the Internet, so my motivation was mostly for the sake of research and understanding what all of the excitement was about. At the time, Tumblr was a relatively new site, allowing people to blog, post pictures, video and links and more all with the most basic computer knowledge. It was truly easy for anybody with a computer to create a great looking blog.

It wasn’t much after I started the blog that Brenda and I found out she was pregnant with twins.With our first ultrasound scan I did a post on my new Tumblr so that I could share it with my family in Michigan.  Little by little as we received progress reports on the pregnancy I posted the information there, and little by little let more people know it was there.

Then in June when I got caught up in the craze of getting an iPhone, I realized I had the ability to take photos and email them directly to the blog, from wherever I was. Suddenly using the blog because even more useful, and in a way exciting to use. We really put this to the test when in August we took a road trip to Washington DC and documented the trip as it happened on the blog.

As time went on I got into the habit of posting once a week, sometimes more depending what was going on. And as we neared the delivery date for the twins the postings increased to every few days. I started getting a lot of good feedback from friends and relatives in 6 different states saying how much they enjoyed seeing what was going on. What I like about doing this (as opposed to sending out a group email) is that people check in as much or as little as they like, and I don’t feel like I’m bothering anybody with email notifications. So it’s kind of an “all you can eat” situation.

Once we had the boys, I realized I wanted to not only continue blogging, but I wanted to preserve the history of what I’ve done so far. At some point in the future the boys will be able to read all about what we were going through before during and after they entered our lives. It’s hard to come up with more of a personal gift then that!

In January 2008 I decided I wanted to create something more permanent, that I had more control over.  Since we run our own server for our business, I already have a computer on the internet that we can use to run our own blog, and thus have total control over everything. I did some research, figured out what I wanted and hired somebody to take care of the technical details that were beyond what I could handle.

One of the benefits of this new system is that Brenda will also be able to make posts and have them contributed to her.

As I type this at the end of February 2008 the blog is nearly done, and over the next few weeks I’ll have all of the information from the original blog transferred here (and pre-dated) so that I have a complete history.

So this blog is dedicated to the greatest gifts we could have received, Andrew and Maximus Tomchak. I hope you boys enjoy looking back over this in the years to come.

Love, Mom & Dad