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Weekend Photos from MyGym and Arlington Race Track

By on August 24, 2009 in Text Post with 0 Comments

This past weekend we spent our usual family day together (my favorite day of the week). We started the day at My Gym, and the boys just love it there. The first time we took them there they were so excited the didn’t know what they wanted to do next.

The down side to taking them there?

We think we’ve accelerated their climbing abilities. Last night Andrew successfully climbed out of his crib while in a “time out”. Then when we put both boys in the cribs and watched them to see how they were doing it, it was obvious they they could do it without any assistance at all. They just threw a leg up on the top and pulled themselves over to drop down to the floor. I thought we had at least a few more months before having to deal with this! Just another one of those changes you don’t see coming until it’s there. For now we’re using a sheet of plywood and a heavy computer monitor on top of the crib to keep them in. We’ll probably have to find something else though soon.

We also took them to the Arlington Park race track which is, believe it or not, very family oriented. There is plenty of green grass for them to run and play on and picnic tables all over the place. It was a nice change of pace from going to some of the other parks we take them to.

For dinner we took them out for pizza, but all they really wanted to do was play (i’ll have video of this later). They were just loads of fun all day!

It’s these days that make all of the difficult things worth it. I just love these boys so much, it’s still hard to believe they’re ours.

The rest of the photos can be found on SmugMug as usual.


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