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From Cribs to Beds, Overnight

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We had a nice surprise last week when the boys informed us that they now know how to get out of the crib in less then 10 seconds. They were quick to demonstrate it in front of us, by just throwing one leg over the top, pulling themselves over, and dropping down to the floor. Well that’s not very good for mom and dad, knowing that they can get out anytime that they want!

Their room was not really totally child proof, since we really never let them play in there. We had plenty of things that they could get into – like old fireworks, open paint cans and a case of “easy strike” matches. So, we had to make some changes. All of those things are now in the bottom drawer of their dresser.

They now have toddler beds (cute little beds from IKEA) that can be adjusted as they get taller. On the surface it wasn’t all that expensive, until you doubled the price for everything since we needed 2 of them.

How have they done? It’s been a challenge, but they’re getting better. The first several nights they screamed, cried and spent an hour jumping on the beds and sometimes hitting the floor. Now they’re much better. The crying time is less then 15 minutes and for the most part they sleep through the night.

So now the room is all setup for the two of them plus #3, and their new sibling due to be here in just 12 more weeks. Then the real fun begins.

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