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I Don’t Mind What Happens

By on April 15, 2011 in Audio, Book with 0 Comments

As I’ve talked about a few times now, I have been re-reading a book by Eckhart Tolle called “A New Earth”. It’s such a powerful book and it amazes me that I still get something out of it even on my 4th read of it.

I read (listened) to a part of the book today that I really wanted to share. If you’ve been curious about the book but not sure if it was for you, now is your chance to listen to a short 20 minute clip from the book. My guess is you will be inspired by it and want to read the rest of the book.

As much as I love this book, I will admit that reading and understanding what he’s talking about is far different than implementing it in your own life. I aspire to be an example of all the teachings of the book, but admit it will take a long time. Maybe the rest of my life. But even small steps along the way are good ones and at times, life changing.

Just click on the image below to download the audio file. It will play on your computer, iPod, iPhone and most other music devices. You can also burn it to a CD.

If you decide that you like it, head over to Amazon or Audible and get a copy for yourself. Please post your comments/opinions if you do listen.


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