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First Grade Culture Projects

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I was so appreciative last month when the teachers let us know about the boys having a big homework project. The main idea was that each child would learn about some part of their own culture, research it and then create one of several possible projects to display their culture knowledge at a school fair (which is this Friday).

And then, 4 weeks went by without me doing a darn thing.

Well, it was due tomorrow so I spent about 2 hours with Maximus and Brenda sat with Andrew for about the same time and we produced two posters for the boys. Both of which I need to pickup from Kinkos at 6am tomorrow so that they have them in time for school.

So apparently a deadline can be so far in the future that you don’t even worry about it until it’s too late.

During the process not only did we talk about the different things that we learned, but the boys had a first hand look at some of what you can do with a computer and photoshop. For me personally that was part of my motivation to use the computer – I wanted to get them interested in being creative with it.

Here are the results of cramming for just under 2 hours.



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