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Dr. Goldberg Visit, Fall 2017

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It’s been awhile, but we finally made our trip out to CA to see Dr. Michael Goldberg.

While we go on a regular basis regardless of what’s going on, this time we were motivated to go because Maximus has been having issues staying on his clean diet. While it’s true that every kid (and most adults) have issues staying true to good eating, it can have some serious health consequences for Max. So when he got to the point of cheating every single day we knew we had to do something.

This came about after several months of trying pretty much everything we could think of and making no progress at all. We were getting very frustrated and part of the problem is that Max does not always make the connection between his choices and the outcomes. He tends to blame others instead of taking responsibility. Some of that is maturity for sure, but sometimes he’s a complicated by to figure out too.

In brief, the visit went very well. Unlike any of the past visits, this visit was 90% between Max and the doctor with me just being present to clarify details here and there. He responded very well to the questions and there were even some insights into his thinking and some things that were bothering him. He talked to the doctor about some things he has never brought up to us, so I was pretty blown away a few times by the answers that Max gave.

All in all, I think a lot of positive changes will come out of this. What was really clear to me is that we need to do these visits more now that he’s older. Twice a year would be awesome if we could swing it. And I also think his siblings would have benefited from being part of the same discussion because it would have helped them understand a lot of the details that are lost on them day to day.

For me, the best part of the trip was having that one-on-one time to bond with Maximus. We always have such a special connection when it’s just the two of us, and even more so when it’s out of our normal environment. I just love the little guy.

Maximus preferred watching the live map of our travels over using the iPad. He kept letting me know what state and cities we were passing over.

Arrival at LAX.
From 35 degrees in Chicago to nearly 100. It was awesome.
Car for mom?
A friends restaurant that closed a few months earlier.
We stayed at a nice AirBnB that had a outside patio. We used it in the evening to just hang out.
No visit is complete without a visit here. The smell itself was hard to resist.
Returning our pimped out ride.
Once again, coffee all over my socks. The same thing happened on the last trip so clearly it’s me that has a problem.

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