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A Calling

By on October 24, 2010 in Text Post, Travel with 0 Comments

Have you ever wanted to do something that you just felt was meant to be? Maybe something you’ve always wanted to try because it spoke to you in a way that nothing else did. Maybe it’s playing a sport or starting a new hobby. I think we all have at least one of those things inside of us, a seed that was planted long ago that’s yearning to grow.

For me that has always been computer programming. I’ve always felt that it was something I would be very good at. I have a very logical and technical way of thinking, which plays nicely into programming. I’m also full of ideas for programs that either don’t exist, or are improvements on programs that are out there that fall short.

But, I went down the path of television production long ago, and once you’ve built a career, and even more once you have a house payment, wife and now kids, it gets harder and harder to take a step in a different direction, not matter what the calling. It all comes down to responsibility and the fact that life is not just about you anymore (well, it was fun while it lasted anyway).

So, it’s with great excitement that I will be spending this week in California taking a crash course on programming for the iPhone, iPad and future iOS devices. Not only is it the perfect class for me and where I am with my programming skills (very limited) but the class is with some really great people that I’ve admired professionally for years. So it’s a chance to meet and work with some of my heros of technology.

The class was not cheap, neither was the hotel (however the flight was pretty good), and my hope is that the money spent now is just a downpayment on a future return as I begging to write applications and sell them. In some ways it feels like a long shot, and in others if feels like this is where I was always headed.

I’m very grateful that Brenda has been very supportive of this dream of mine. This week will be hard on her and I know she would rather I was around. And even though this is costing a small fortune for us right now, she never once made an issue of it. She believes in me, which helps me believe in myself.

So time will tell where this week leads. My hope is it’s the beginning of a new chapter in my life. If not, I at least know that I gave it a solid shot without letting dream just die inside me.
Time to get on the plane!

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