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Sydney Turns 5… 8 Weeks Ago

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There are so many things I was better at before having kids. One of them was finishing what I started on-time.

I started editing this video for Sydney the day after her birthday, back in late November (her Birthday was Thanksgiving Day this year). But OMG I thought I would never finish.

First, I decided to force myself to edit it using FCPx, because I’ve been curious about the recent features they’ve added. That alone added a lot of time to the process. Not because FCPx is bad… it’s actually perfect for these types of videos. But because I was learning along the way. At times I would hit a wall on something and have to stop to watch a tutorial on about the thing or two I was having issues with.

There was the lack of a lot of free time, especially around the holidays.

And, I kept raising the bar on what I planned on doing. It went from a simple cuts only stringer of the best of what I shot to a multi-segment music video of sorts.

In the end I was pretty happy with it, but if I had not already spent so much time on it I would spend another few hours cleaning it up more. But, sometimes you have to just draw the line and call it DONE!

So here it is,  Syndey’s 5th Birthday celebration video. It had its family premiere night tonight and the kids all had some good belly laughs.


Download Video (H.264/ATV Friendly)

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